Analis R&D Diag - CE Kits

When you expect more from electrophoresis :

With more than 25 years experience in Electrophoresis and Capillary Electrophoresis, "ANALIS R&D Diag" unit  develops kits for in vitro diagnostic, life science and analytical applications, which have been distributed throughout the world.

We are confident that this new achievement will allow us to reply even better to your future quality requirements.

Analis sa.nv has been certified ISO 13485 :2003 and EN ISO 13485:2012

Analis R&D Laboratory obtained ISO13485:2003 and EN13485:2012 certificate for their in vitro diagnostics products based on capillary electrophoresis, which included hemoglobin A1c and hemoglobin A2 as well as their human serum proteins.



In Vitro Diagnostic Applications

Haemoglobin Analysis (Capillary Electrophoresis)


Serum Proteins (Capillary Electrophoresis)

Clinical Research (Capillary Electrophoresis)

Life Sciences & Analytical Applications

Pharmaceutical Applications

Applications for Protein Analysis

Applications for Food Analysis

Forensic Applications


* Clinical kits, with exception of kits for research, are CE IVD labeled according to the European Directive 98/79/EC. The CEofix™ CDT kit has been filed in the Device Listings with the FDA.


Please visit Beckman Coulter "CEleader" website ( for applications using