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Color Guide 45/0

Color control of small parts or powdered material
BYK Color-guide 45/0 measuring geometry:

  • 4 mm aperture for small parts
  • 20 mm glass sealed aperture for granular and powdery material Stable, long-term calibration
  • needed only every three months

Temperature independent color and gloss data – even in extreme conditions 10 year warranty on LED light source

  • no lamp changes needed

Long lasting standard AA batteries

  • up-to 10,000 readings per set

Light weight and small size

  • weighs only 500 g

Designated buttons for standard and sample readings

Professional documentation with the included easy-link software

Color Mea­sure­ment for Spe­cific Appli­ca­tions

Color Con­trol of Small Parts

Key­boards, pens and win­dow han­dles require a color
instru­ment with a very small aper­ture and a repeat­able sam­ple place­ment. Color-guide 45/0, 4 mm aper­ture together with the optio­nal sam­ple holder guar­an­tee repeat­able results and a con­ve­nient sam­ple place­ment.

Min­i­mum sam­ple size: 5 x 5 mm (0.2 x 0.2 in)

Color Con­trol of Pow­dered Mate­rial

When mea­sur­ing pow­dery or gran­u­lar mate­rial like raw mate­rial pucks or grainy food, the instru­ment's optics must be pro­tected. The color-guide spec­tropho­tome­ter with glass sealed aper­ture uses a col­or­less, opti­cal glass and can directly mea­sure such prod­ucts, thus sav­ing sam­ple pre­pa­ra­tion time.

Color Con­trol - easy and secure

Easy to use and han­dle

  • even for color begin­n­ers

Sta­ble, long-term cal­i­bra­tion

  • needed only every three months

Highly tem­per­a­ture sta­ble

  • even in extreme con­di­tions

Uses stan­dard AA bat­teries

  • good for 10,000 read­ings

10 year war­ranty on light source

  • no lamp changes needed

Light weight and small size

  • only weighs 500

Pro­fes­sio­nal Doc­u­men­ta­tion with easy-link

ISO 9000 requires doc­u­men­ta­tion of color data. easy-link, included with the color-guide, offers all of the neces­sary tools:

  • Easy and direct data trans­fer from the instru­ment to Excel®
  • Pre­defined QC-report tem­plates (Lab-plot, trend graph) are included
  • All rel­e­vant qual­ity data can be eas­ily sum­marized in one report: Color  Gloss  Film Thick­ness
  • Easy man­age­ment of your stan­dards: stan­dard back-up and estab­lish­ing of pro­duc­tion tol­er­ances
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