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Byko Charts : Drawdown Cards

BYK-Gardner offers the highest quality drawdown charts to assure consistent color and gloss.

The byko-charts are 14 mils thick to prevent warping and bending. The chart box is shrinked-wrap with low permeability plastic to prevent moisture absorption during shipping and storage.
- Superior adhesion characteristics, especially with latex paints
- Rugged construction resists warping and bending after the coating is applied
- Superior flatness for reduced substrate  orange peel effects
- Completely non-fluorescent
- Repeatable color and gloss, lot after lot
- Comply with ASTM standards

Charts are available for a wide range of applications, and fall into several general categories. 



byko-chart Opacity

The opacity chart consists of black and white areas with sufficient room to use color measurement instruments.
  • Optimum chart to measure coating opacity
  • Large product offering to fit all applications
  • International Standard  ASTM D 344, D 2805          ISO  6504-3

byko-chart Penopac

The penopac card is used to measure coating appearance changes between the unsealed and sealed portion of the chart

  • Optimum chart to measure coating opacity
  • Large product offering to fit all applications

byko-chart Opacity-Display

The display charts has a large surface area for visual evaluation of hiding power. 
  • Large surface makes it easy to use brush or roller applicators to apply the paint
  • Bold patterns are ideal to assess opacity
  • International Standard  ASTM D 344, D 2805          ISO  6504-3

byko-chart Brushout

 The brushout chart uses a heavier, rigid stock paper for easily handling

  • Ideal for sample handouts or storage
  • Can also be used for instrumental analysis

byko-chart Plain White

The plain white charts are primarily used to test for coating color.
  • A large selection to cover every application
  • Widely used for color submittals

 byko-chart Plain Black


The plain black chart is used for camouflage paint and wood stains
Provides a large surface area to test for color shifts caused by a black background.

byko-chart Uncoated

Use these uncoated drawdown cards to simulate wood or unsealed wallboard.
  • Offers a consistent substrate to assess inks 

byko-chart Sag and Leveling

The byko-chart sag and leveling test chart is compliant with ASTM method D4400.
The large black area is used to assess the sag and leveling properties

Black Glass Panel

The black glass panel is compliant with ASTM method D2805.
  • Can be used to assess hiding power
  • Offers a flat substrate for critical gloss measurements

Scrub Test Panels

The scrub test panels are the ideal substrate for abrasion testing of coatings.
  • White scrub panels are also available
  • Compliant with the ASTM and ISO methods on abrasion testing
  • ASTM D 2486, D 3450, D 4213                ISO 11998

Clear Polyester Film

Clear polyester film is an ideal substrate to check for foam stabilization and pigment de-flocculation.
  • Can be used to assess color transparency

Spray Monitors

Spray monitors are self-adhering labels primarily used as a guide for spray paint applications on metal panels.
Visual guide to check for opacity during spray paint applications 
Has a sealed, solvent resistant surface

Draw down Plate 

The glass clipboard offers an economical and convenient substrate for making drawdowns of uniform film thickness.
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Holds drawdown cards securely    


Interleaf Paper

Inter-leaf paper is used to protect the dry paint film when drawdowns are stacked for storage

  • Should be used when storing or shipping paint drawdowns
  • Has a non-stick surface prevents damage of dried paint film
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