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OMNITIP Tips Serie

ULPLAST - OMNITIP OmniTip provide excellent accuracy and reproducibility
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Omnitip™ benefits:

Diamond polished molds made of Swiss stainless steel allow us to obtain additional smoothness of the Omnitip™ walls.

Slick inner surfaces injected of non-wettable polypropylene together with carefully shaped flash free tip ends minimize fluid retention and grant accuracy and precision even with the most viscous samples.

Flexible collar and ultra thin walls guarantee universal fit and reliable sealing with most popular pipettor brands (check Omnitip™compatibility using our Compatibility Chart). The Omnitip™ transparent body allows good visibility of tip contents and quick confirmation of aspirated volume.

Compare Omnitips with the others:

Contrary to most economy tip manufacturers, tip quality means for us more than the production volume and costs.

Although our prices will give you a competitive edge over other distributors, the aspiration and aesthetics of Omnitips are beyond the average affordable tip.

With Omnitips you can forget about the incomplete tip finish, the feature which ruins the results of sensible laboratory work.

Ideally round, even and smooth Omnitip™ orifice guarantees that the sample is dispensed to the last drop


OMNITIP & FastRack™ packaging

ULPLAST's economical OmniTips provide excellent accuracy and reproducibility.

A universal fit design allows them to be used confidently with a variety of pipettes. The tips are available clear, or colored for easy identification. The precision molds used in the manufacture of the tips result in an extremely smooth inner surface. OmniTips are long and slender for reaching to the bottom of tubes without touching the sides. In addition to bulk and racked tips, the OmniTips are available in the environmentally friendly FastRack™ packaging that utilizes the TouchTop™ transfer system.

Revolutionary FastRack™ with convenient

TouchTop™ transfer system - make reloading an easy task FastRacks include a reloadable tip box with a unique lid that allows for quick and convenient transfer of prefilled wafers to the box without having to touch the tips or trays. The TouchTop transfer system works on a grab and release principle - the FastRack lid is placed on top of a reload stack and pressed down to grab a refill wafer. The lid is then placed on the tip box and pressed down to release the wafer. OmniTips are designed to fit a variety of manufacturer's pipettes.

FastRack ™stack:

What makes the Omnitips special is the unique, patented FastRack™ with convenient TouchTop™ transfer system making reloading of trays from stack to rack box completely hassle-free.
If you thought that nothing new can be invented, you will be positively surprised ...

Our FastRack™ stacks are not only friendly for the environment, space saving and easy to use. They also offer the scent of novelty you have been missing for so long. Namely, the FastRack™ cover may be easily used for transferring the Omnitip™ trays from the stack refill to the empty Omnitip™ rack-box. Simultaneously, the whole reloading operation can be carried out with the use of only one hand. The other benefit of this smart solution is that the risk of accidental contact between hand and tip during reloading has been eliminated once and for all. The re-usable rack-box can be repeatedly autoclaved.

To use the FastRack™ just perform the following steps:

1. Lift the sleeve on of FastRack™ stack. figure 2
2. Place the lid of rack box on top of the stack.
    Press the lid down to grab the top tray.
3. Transfer the lid with the tray to the rack box.
    Press the lid down to release the tray.


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