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AutoMate 800 and 600 Sample Processing Systems

The AutoMate has everything you need to streamline pre- and post-analytical processes and position your lab for optimal performance and labor usage. Plus, with the AutoMate, your lab can accommodate greater workflow while posting dramatic gains in test result delivery.
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Product Features

  • Single point of entry, to manage all tubes, from sample receipt to disposal
  • Advanced, automated sample loading and sorting, to minimize manual handling
  • Fully integrated centrifugation for faster test turnaround time with less variability
  • Through-the-label sample volume detection
  • Decapper module for maximum efficiency and safety
  • Intelligent aliquotting and tube labeling, to eliminate manual sample preparation errors and ensure faster, more accurate secondary-tube preparation
  • Intuitive software, to facilitate ease of use
Single Point of Entry
  • Manages sample tubes from entry into the laboratory until disposal
  • Centrifuge process for chemistry, immunoassay and coagulation testing
  • Re-sorts samples for pending test routing or for storage, when samples have volume remaining
  • Sorts stats to separate locations
  • 16 dynamically-configurable rack locations for unparalleled sorting flexibility
  • Loads instrument-specific racks


  • 56-tube capacity delivers throughput up to 300 centrifuged samples per hour
  • Normal spin of 3,000g for five minutes, allowing identical processes for both coagulation and chemistry samples
  • System automatically weighs each set of samples and balances the adaptors
  • Selectable speed and time parameters accommodate a wide range of samples and testing requirements

Sample Loading

  • Easy-loading drawer offers convenient and continuous access to racks for loading samples, while robotic handlers safely and efficiently process samples through the AutoMate 800
  • Dedicated priority-load input area enables priority processing for rapid test turnaround time
  • Processes BD*, Greiner* and SARSTEDT* tubes, 13 x 75 mm to 16 x 100 mm tubes
  • Processes pediatric tubes, using 13 x 75 mm adapters
  • Recognizes most standard bar codes in compliance with the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (formerly known as NCCLS)

Volume Determination

  • Automated measurement of each sample's volume prior to dispensing into aliquot tube or for storage
  • Automated measurement of plasma or serum volume ascertains whether all aliquots can be created


  • Designed for maximum efficiency and lab safety, to minimize exposure to biohazardous aerosols
  • Compatible with rubber stoppers, plastic and screw-style caps from BD, Greiner and SARSTEDT
  • "Smart" decapping: Caps are selectively removed for closed-tube sampling, based upon analyzer
  • Caps are automatically dispensed into biohazard bag

Sample Receipt

  • Sample bar-code reader ensures positive patient sample identification and notifies the Laboratory Information System (LIS) of sample receipt
  • Automated measurement of sample diameter and height ensures proper sorting and aliquotting


  • Processes up to 420 total samples per hour, including 140 primary and 280 secondary tubes
  • Creates up to eight aliquots per primary tube
  • Large tip volume allows drawing of the sample and subsequent multiple transfers to secondary tubes, improving performance
  • "Intelligent" aliquotting transfers the proper volume for samples with single or multiple tests and detects clots
  • Computerized prioritization of aliquots ensures most critical samples are created first, if sample volume is minimal
  • Detects clots and routes samples for manual processing

Simple to Use

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Flags stats from routines

Trouble-Free Maintenance

  • Online help to aid in routine maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Storage bin allows user to load 5 mL tips in bulk, quickly and easily**
  • Load secondary 13 x 75 mm or 13 x 100 mm tubes (defined at installation) in bulk via pull-out drawer**
  • Replace bar-code label stock for aliquot tubes via easily accessible slide-out bin; user can define contents of the secondary-tube label**

Sorting to Sample Racks

  • "Open" system architecture sorts to generic 50-tube racks or analyzer racks, accommodating transfers to instruments, other lab sections or sendout test requirements
  • 800-sample capacity and up to 16 generic racks, which can be subdivided to create up to 150 sorting locations

Easy to Install

  •  Easy installation, requires minimal lab remodeling
  • Allows "dynamic" rack configuration to accommodate workload changes
  • LIS interface/ASTM analyzer-like interface
  • Accepts multiple tube sizes and styles as well as multiple bar-code symbologies
Re-Sorting to Sample
  • Allows re-sorting of samples after analysis for routing to next analyzer or sample storage; sample routing determined by duration, temperature or user-defined destination
Solutions and systems for clinical diagnostics (hematology, biochemistry, immunoassays, flow cytometry. Solutions for industry & research, for genetics, proteomics and cellular analysis. Lab automated workstation & liquid handling workstation.
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