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BIOMEK FXP Laboratory Automation Workstation

The Biomek FXP liquid handler can provide the speed and performance critical to today’s genomic research environments. The flexible platform is available in single and dual pipetting head models combining multi-channel (96 or 384) and Span 8 pipetting. Ideal for high throughput workflows, Biomek FXP accelerates laboratory processing, and is easy to update or integrate as your research needs evolve.
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With the Biomek FXP, the Biomek is just the beginning. Its open architecture allows for integrations of readers, plate washers, labware storage devices and robotic transport systems. The gripper built into the multichannel pod provides fast and reliable labware movement around the deck, as well as the capability to de-lid and re-lid plates, create vacuum manifold assemblies and access integrated devices.

Multichannel Pod And Span-8 Hybrid System Two heads are better than oneA dual-pod system is the smart choice for busy labs. Choose a hybrid system (multichannel pod and Span-8) for maximum process flexibility. Perform hit-picking operations quickly. Replicate plates with a 96- or 384-well head, then add reagents unique to each well with the Span-8 pod, using tubes, plates or reservoirs as sources
Biomek - Efficient Plate Replication

Scale up to a Biomek Assay WorkstationThe Biomek FXP can serve as the central component in an assay workstation — a complete assay automation system including labware storage, incubation, plate washing, plate reading and other components. Powered by SAMI® Workstation EX software, the Biomek Assay Workstation is the system of choice for ELISAs, cell-based assays or any other process containing time-critical incubations. Assay Workstations are tightly integrated to maximize capacity and throughput in a small footprint


Fly-By Barcode Reader Fly-By Barcode Reader delivers on-the-fly plate tracking
With the ability to scan plates being held by the gripper, sample integrity is ensured. Sample IDs can be imported based on the plate barcode and tracked throughout the run. If barcode inconsistencies are detected, Biomek Software allows a wide range of user-controlled corrective actions, logging and error handling instructions


Unified software platform across all Biomek instruments
With a single, consolidated user interface for all Biomek platforms, operator learning time is drastically reduced. Biomek Software also allows methods to be moved from one instrument platform to another, quickly and easily.

Intuitive Interface
The flexibility built into Biomek's user interface puts the full range of its power into the hands of any user. It provides the ability to customize the interface, import and export methods, use icon-driven Step Palettes to create and configure methods with drag-and-drop ease, define new deck layouts and labware to make changing configurations fast and easy, and much more. As a result, switching between applications such as MALDI spotting and gDNA purification is particularly easy. And new users get up-and-running faster than ever before.
Biomek - Intuitive Interface
 Point-and-click Methods development

The mouse-driven simplicity of our unique point-and-click programming avoids the long learning curve so common to other approaches. Alternatives such as pipetting techniques, liquid types and deck layouts can be chosen from drop-down lists. Method validation features will check your method and find any logical errors. The Estimated Time to Completion (ETC) feature will provide you with an accurate run time, enabling you to speed up methods development and efficiently plan your instrument use. Variables, worklists and "if-then" statements can be used to vary runs without reprogramming. All of which makes a wide variety of applications — from plasmid purification to hit-picking — extraordinarily efficient and streamlined.


Screening Solutions

The Biomek FXP is the right instrument for screening — both primary and secondary — as well as all your replication and reformatting tasks in between. Choose a preconfigured Biomek FXP solution with validated or verified methods, or outfit a system tailored exactly for your unique needs. With an array of Beckman Coulter peripherals and ALPs from which to choose, plus a library of third-party integrations available, the Biomek FXP will deliver solid performance in your assay.

Validated Solutions For Admetox Workstation

ADMETox Workstation. ADME toxicity assays for in vitro permeability measurements, automating the PAMPA method and Caco-2 assays.

Validated Solutions for ADMETox Workstation
  • Early drug discovery ADME toxicity assays, such as fast Caco-2 screens, can help in rejecting test compounds that lack good pharmaceutical profiles. A cost-effective high-throughput method, PAMPA (Parallel Artificial Membrane Permeability Analysis), which uses a phospholipid artificial membrane that models passive transport of epithelial cells, is becoming increasingly popular. The pION PAMPA Evolution 96 System (with Double-Sink and Gut-Box*) is a new surrogate assay that predicts the gastrointestinal-tract absorption of candidate drug molecules at different pH conditions.
  • The Biomek FX Single-Bridge Laboratory Automation Workstation PAMPA Assay System features a 30-minute incubation time using an on-deck integrated Gut-Box and SpectraMax* (Molecular Devices) microplate spectrophotometer. The permeability coefficients of drug standards with diverse physiochemical properties were compared from both PAMPA and Caco-2 assays automated using the Biomek FX Workstation. These automated assays can be used for high-throughput ADME toxicity screening in early drug discovery.
Beckman - Detection Assays

Detection Assays

Cytokines have been shown to regulate immunologic responses and cell-to-cell communication, as well as dose responses to infectious agents. Their presence at elevated levels can indicate disease progress. Combined with our Biomek FXP workstation, the Immunotech Cytokine kits deliver fast and efficient methods to measure the different types of Cytokines present in a cell, while adding to the proteomics and cellular analysis solutions available from Beckman Coulter.

Sample Preparation – Beckman Coulter Sample Preparation
The need for increased throughput for molecular techniques — particularly DNA/RNA purification methods — has led to a number of purification protocols on automated platforms. These automated methods, however, must generate high quality results in order to be used by downstream applications such as sequencing, PCR and transfection. The Biomek FXP provides a complete portfolio of nucleic acid sample preparation solutions for DNA and RNA with the magnetic bead-based Agencourt® SPRI® technology.
Automated PCR And Sequencing Reaction Setup

Automated PCR and sequencing reaction setup

Biomek FXP's reliable, repeatable pipetting, tube-to-plate capability and efficient automation combine to provide the ideal automation solution for this routine process, while fitting seamlessly into any lab's workflow. And its low-volume capability helps miniaturize reaction setups and save on costly reagents.


PCR and sequencing reaction cleanupµ

Reaction cleanup is a simple process, to remove unwanted nucleotides and primers before running samples on a DNA analyzer, such as the CEQ™ Series from Beckman Coulter or other sequencing platforms from Applied Biosciences or GE Healthcare. To accommodate a wide variety of cleanup protocols, the Biomek FXP has been optimized for automation of paramagnetic technology. Configure a Biomek FXP with the Agencourt CleanSEQ® Dye Terminator Removal Kit to process up to 17 plates per hour for your high-throughput sequencing needs.

Weight: 125 kg (275 lb) one bridge, one pod and canopy
Height: 109.2 cm (43 in.)
Height with canopy: 139.7 cm (55 in.)
Width: 152.4 cm (60 in.)
Width with canopy: 162.5 cm (64 in.)
Depth: 81.3 cm (32 in.)
Power Requirements: 50/60 Hz, 100-240 VAC

Minimum Table Size:

  • Length: 92 cm (36 inches)
  • Width: 77 cm (30 inches)
  • Sufficient to support 181.4 kg (400 lbs)
Solutions and systems for clinical diagnostics (hematology, biochemistry, immunoassays, flow cytometry. Solutions for industry & research, for genetics, proteomics and cellular analysis. Lab automated workstation & liquid handling workstation.
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