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Horizontal High Capacity Autoclaves H-Serie

Autoclaves of the performance category HX can be used for all laboratory applications, even for sophisticated sterilization processes
Systec Mediaprep & Systec Mediafill (culture media sterilizer & automated petri-dish plate-pourer)

Horizontal Autoclaves Systec H-Series


Chamber dimensions
Ø x depth (mm)

Chamber volume

Systec HX-210

740 x 500


Systec HX-320

740 x 750


Systec HX-430

740 x 1000


Systec HX-540

740 x 1250


Systec HX-650

740 x 1500


All Typs: Heating Power 18 kW, Electrical connections: 380  400 V, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase + neutral, 32 A
Systec HX For all laboratory applications even for sophisticated state-of-the-art sterilization processes. With all possibilities to add additional options for process optimization to enable validatable sterilization to be carried out.

1. Sterilization of liquid media

Systec offers various standard and optional features for improved sterilization cycles with regards to accurate sterilization and safe handling of liquid media in bottles as well as for enhanced productivity. Standard features

Standard features

  • Pressure and temperature dependent door-locking device according to international norms and regulations. - Redundant control of the sterilization process. Both, temperature and pressure are monitored consistently
    during the sterilization cycle. - Fast heat-up time through improved heat transfer to the liquid media. - Flexible PT-100 temperature load sensor to measure the temperature inside a reference bottle. - Ensures that the set sterilization temperature will be achieved inside the liquid media. - Ensures a safe cooling temperature for safe handling of liquid media.

Optional features

Systec offers a wide range of optional fast cooling features which enhance the safety and productivity of liquid sterilization cycles.

  • Fast cooling systems for reduced batch times ensuring that liquid media is not exposed unnecessary long to high temperatures (for better media quality). - Various options available for different performance levels. - Enhanced productivity as cycle times are reduced and media bottles can be filled to the maximum filling volume. - Eliminate the risk of over-boiling and delayed boiling. - Eliminate the risk of breaking bottles during or after the sterilization cycle. - Eliminate the risk of recontamination by using hermetically closed bottles.

2. Sterilization of hollow items

Typical hollow items are e.g. pipette tips (in boxes), empty glassware and waste in waste bags or porous loads such as filters or textiles. Here it is in particular important to remove all air from the items to achieve accurate, reproducible and validatable sterilization cycles.

Standard features - Pressure and temperature dependent door-locking device according to international norms and regulations. - Redundant process control. Temperature and pressure are consistently monitored. - Fractionated, pulsed heat-up. Optional features - Vacuum system, fractionated pre- and post-vacuum. - Drying Superdry for an optimal drying result.

3. Sterilization of biohazard products For sterilization of biohazard products Systec autoclaves can be equipped with an optional exhaust filtration. It ensures that all gasses and fluids which might have a potential risk for the environment when exhausted during a sterilization cycle are either filtered or inline sterilized.

4. Documentation

For documentation of sterilization cycles, several solutions are available. - Simple documentation with an integrated printer. - Extensive documentation of up to 10.000 sterilization cycles using an integrated SD-Card. - Systec ADS software (Windows PC) either through a direct RS232 connection or through an Ethernet connection. Systec ADS software can process the documented data numeric and graphically and can also be used for parameterization and control of Systec autoclaves.

5. Load handling

Systec load handling accessories ensure easy and ergonomic handling even of heavy items alongside an optimal usage of the available chamber capacity. - Lifting devices for vertical autoclaves. - Transport and loading devices for horizontal autoclaves. - Wire-mesh baskets for sterilization of liquids in media bottles. - Closed baskets with or without lid for waste sterilization.

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Media preparator & Autoclaves for laboratory, the pharmaceutical and food industry as well as for special applications.
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