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Adhesion - PosiTest AT-A (automatic) & AT Manual

PosiTest Fam­ily Pull-Off Adh­e­sion Test The PosiTest pull-off adh­e­sion testers mea­sure paint adh­e­sion on metal, wood and other rigid sub­s­trates.
PosiTest Fam­ily
Pull-Off Adh­e­sion Test

The PosiTest pull-off adh­e­sion testers mea­sure paint adh­e­sion on metal, wood and other rigid sub­s­trates. This easy-to-use, reli­able and ver­satile instru­ment uses hydraulic pres­sure and a rev­o­lu­tio­nary self-align­ing dolly to ensure uni­form pull dis­tri­bu­tion over the sur­face being tested, pre­vent­ing a one-sided pull-off. This is done using a ring of small ball bear­ings to engage the artic­u­lat­ing dolly head.

There are two mod­els avai­l­able.

The model AT-A Auto­matic Pull-Off Adh­e­sion Tester and Model AT man­ual ver­sion. Both mod­els have the fol­low­ing fea­tures:

  • Portable, hand-oper­ated instru­ment can be used in any posi­tion and requires no exter­nal power source-ideal for the lab and on-site
  • Large scale reads clearly and eas­ily in PSI and MPa
  • Inex­pen­sive, sin­gle-use dol­lies elim­i­nate the need for heat­ing, clean­ing, or brush­ing for re-use
  • Self-align­ing dolly enables mea­sure­ment on smooth or uneven sur­faces with­out adversely affect­ing the test results.
    They have a full 20 or 50 mm sur­face diam­e­ter with no holes to clean
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic pump with safety valve helps pre­vent dam­age to pres­sure sys­tem
  • Quick-cou­pling makes secur­ing dol­lies in actu­a­tor sim­ple, fast and trou­ble-free
  • Multi-pur­pose, high-ten­sile two-part adh­e­sive suit­able for use with a wide vari­ety of coat­ings and coat­ing thick­nesses
  • Cutt­ing tool for iso­lat­ing test area is included
  • Coat­ing adh­e­sion tester pres­sure sys­tem is cal­i­brated and cer­ti­fied to 1 % accu­racy (full-scale) and comes with a two-year war­ranty
  • Inter­nal mem­ory stores up to 200 pulls. This includes max­i­mum pull-off pres­sure, rate of pull, test dura­tion, and dolly size
  • Optio­nal Posi­Soft soft­ware avai­l­able to upload test results
  • USB Port PC inter­face
  • 10, 14, 20, and 50mm dol­lies to maxmize the mea­sure­ment res­o­lu­tion and test range

PosiTest Model AT-A

The auto­matic model has a elec­tron­i­cally con­trolled hydraulic pump that applies cont­in­ues pres­sure.

The pull-off rate is user-selectable. Sim­ple push but­ton oper­a­tion, elim­i­nates the need to close val­ues or reset scales. A recharge­able bat­tery is built-in pro­vid­ing up to 200 tests per charge. A uni­ver­sal AC Adapter is sup­plied.


ASTM D 4541, D 7234
ISO 4624

ASTM D 4541, D 7234
ISO 4624

Cat. No. Description Adhesion Strength Resolution Dolly Size
PE-2201 PosiTest AT 0-215 MPa (0-3000 psi) ± 0.01 MPa (± 1.0 psi) 20 mm
PE-5140 PosiTest AT-A 0-215 MPa (0-3000 psi) ±0.01 MPa (±1.0 psi) 20 mm

Case Dimensions

Unit Weight
43 x 33 x 15 cm (17 x 13 x 6 in) 5.5 kg (12 lbs)

Comes com­plete with:
Adh­e­sion Tester with dig­i­tal dis­play
Hydraulic pump and actu­a­tor
Alu­minum test dol­lies (20 mm)
Cutt­ing tool for 20 mm dol­lies
Adh­e­sive mix­ing sticks and palettes (5 each)
2-year war­ranty and car­ry­ing case
Cer­tifi­cate of cal­i­bra­tion

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