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Reagent - DNA Extraction & Clean up

The reagents are based on Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) paramagnetic bead-based technology, which is ideal for automating on Biomek Laboratory Automation Workstations.

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PCR Purification

Agencourt AMPure XP

The Agencourt AMPure XP system is a highly efficient, easily automated PCR purification system that delivers superior quality DNA with no salt carryover. Requiring no centrifugation or filtration, Agencourt AMPure XP can be easily used in manual and automated 96- or 384-well formats.

Downstream Application Techniques: PCR, genotyping (SNP detection) fragment analysis, sequencing (Sanger and Next Generation), cloning, primer walking

Agencourt AMPure XP Features
  • High recovery of amplicons, greater than 100 bp
  • Efficient removal of unincorporated dNTPs, primers, primer dimers, salts and other contaminants
  • Stable PCR products post-cleanup: No PCR degradation after storage at 4° C for seven days
  • Efficient recovery of double stranded and single stranded DNA templates
  • Consistent recovery throughout the kit’s 12 month shelf life
  • Faster manual and automated processing as compared to traditional post-PCR cleanup methods

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Sanger Sequencing Dye Terminator Removal

Agencourt CleanSEQ

The Agencourt CleanSEQ system is a rapid, high performance dye-terminator removal process based on Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) technology. The paramagnetic bead format requires no centrifugation or filtration and is easily performed manually or fully automated for high throughput dye-terminator removal. The Agencourt CleanSEQ system produces sequences with longer Phred 20 read lengths and higher signal intensities than any other purification technology

Cycle sequencing cleanup

Downstream Application Techniques: DNA Sequencing

Agencourt CleanSEQ Features
  • Long Phred 20 read lengths averaging over 700 bps
  • Pass rates of 85% or higher
  • Increased average signal strength
  • Efficient elimination of sequencing reaction contaminants

 figure 3

Plasmid Purification

Agencourt CosMCPrep - High/Low Copy Plasmid Purification

The Agencourt CosMCPrep system is a Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) paramagenetic bead-based plasmid purification system that uses a single protocol to purify a variety of high and low copy number template types. This flexible system is easily automated without sacrificing product quality. The single protocol, ease of automation and high quality results make Agencourt CosMCPrep an ideal solution for all your plasmid purification needs.

Application: High and low copy plasmid purification

Downstream Application Techniques: DNA Sequencing

Agencourt CosMCPrep Kit Features
  • High quality plasmid purification
  • Superior downstream sequencing results
  • Automated protocols
  • Single protocol for all template types

 figure 4

DNA Isolation

Agencourt DNAdvance - DNA Isolation from Mammalian Tissue

Built on Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) paramagnetic bead-based technology, the Agencourt DNAdvance kit is a high throughput genomic DNA (gDNA) isolation reagent kit enabling the purification of high quality DNA from mammalian tissue samples. The Agencourt DNAdvance kit offers greater recovery of high quality gDNA than other commercially available DNA isolation kits.

Application: Nucleic acid extraction from mammalian tissue samples

Downstream Application Techniques: Genotyping applications (SNP, fragment analysis), clinical sequencing, resequencing, qPCR

Agencourt DNAdvance Features
  • Able to process three 96-well plates in about 75 minutes when using the Beckman Coulter Biomek NXP or FXP 96 Multichannel laboratory automation workstations.
  • No centrifugation or vacuum filtration required
  • Compatible with a variety of downstream analysis tools such as PCR, qPCR, SNP genotyping, and sequencing
  • Does not use organic extraction or centrifugation/filtration

 figure 5

gDNA Isolation from Blood

Agencourt Genfind v2 -

The Agencourt Genfind v2 DNA purification system isolates and purifies genomic DNA (gDNA) from whole blood, serum and FTA cards. The kit is powered by cutting-edge Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) paramagnetic bead-based technology to effectively produce a high recovery of DNA for downstream applications such as PCR and genotyping. SPRI allows for fast separation, easy manipulation and simple automation compared to traditional centrifugation and vacuum filtration technologies. The method can be run manually in a 2 mL tube format or automated format on the Beckman Coulter Biomek NXP or FXP workstations.

Application: Genomic DNA isolation from whole blood, plasma, serum, and FTA cards. Additional protocols are available for extracting genomic DNA from cultured eukaryotic cells, bacteria, and fresh or frozen tissue. Please inquire with your sales representative for these additional protocols.

Downstream Application Techniques: Genotyping applications (SNP, fragment analysis), clinical sequencing, resequencing, qPCR

Agencourt Genfind v2 Features
  • Whole blood processing from 50 to 400 µL volumes
  • High gDNA recovery up to 6 µg from 200 µL of whole blood
  • No centrifugation or vacuum filtration required
  • Biomek Span-8 and 96-Multichannel methods are available for whole blood
  • Automated extraction of 96 samples in approximately 2.5 hours


 figure 6


SPRIselect for Fragment DNA Size Selection

SPRIselect is a SPRI-based chemistry that speeds and simplifies nucleic acid size selection for fragment library preparation for Next Generation sequencing. In this process, size selection is required to produce a uniform distribution of fragments around an average size. Using SPRIselect, the size distribution can be adjusted to suit the application and platform used. The process can be scaled for low to high throughput workflows.

The guidance provided below can be used to optimize the desired size selection range. Used manually or automated on a liquid handling system such as the Biomek Laboratory Automation Workstation, SPRIselect will provide rapid and consistent size selection suitable for most applications.

Productivity and discovery go hand-in-hand.

Next Generation Sequencing is the most pervasive technology in genomic research today. The long list of front-end applications have varied library preparation requirements that demand flexible solutions. The size of DNA has a direct impact on generating desired sequencing results. The new SPRIselect Reagent Kit is designed to give scientists more flexibility and control over the size selection process. With proven, industryleading Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) technology, this reagent provides robust, reproducible and customizable size selection.

  1. Tunable from 150 to 800 base pairs
  2. Efficient mag bead technology eliminates the need for gels, chips or special instrumentation
  3. Easily adjust for specific application and sequencer
  4. Consistent results, reproducible sizing between runs and reagent lots
  5. Scalable from manual to automated for highthroughput processing in 96-well plates
  6. Proven proprietary technology is already the gold standard for purification steps in Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) sample prep


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