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P/ACE™ MDQ plus - Automated Capillary Electrophoresis System

An automated, programmable capillary electrophoresis system designed to perform fast separations from complex samples.
First SCIEX CE System Offers Fast and Practical High Resolution Separation and Quantitation of Charged and Polar Analytes

This is a next-generation CE platform that builds upon the technological advances that P/ACE MDQ is well known for. The P/ACE MDQ Plus excels at the separation and quantitation of charged and polar analytes and the innovative durable system design ensures scientists will have dependable operation and reliable results.

The new P/ACE MDQ Plus design is easier to use and maintain and modular detectors support flexible research, methods development and rugged routine use. The system is configured standard with a programmable UV/Vis detector, capillary thermoregulation with recirculating liquid, sample temperature control and 36 x 36 buffer array for automated methods optimization. Samples may be introduced from a 96 well plate, or a variety of microvial inserts. The modular design makes it easy to add an optional high sensitivity diode array, or solid state Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) detection system.

"With its new robust sample interface, the MDQ Plus consistently delivers accurate reproducible results, allowing faster methods development, routine analysis and it is more economical with less environmental impact than other separation technologies", saidJeff Chapman, Senior Director for the Separations Business at SCIEX. "The P/ACE MDQ Plus really represents the next-generation of CE platform for the academic and industrial laboratory."

Key facets of the P/ACE MDQ Plus Capillary Electrophoreses System are:

  • Easy-to-maintain sample interface with snap-in electrodes and vial-cap openers
  • Space-saving integrated interchangeable detection modules, including solid-state laser for LIF detection
  • Integrated auto-sampler with sample temperature control for customer convenience and sample protection
  • Exclusive circulating liquid capillary temperature control ensures superior run-to-run precision
  • Internal High Capacity Pressure Module applies pressure or vacuum to the capillary either at one end or simultaneously at both, eliminating the need for external gas cylinders
    For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


A robust sample injection design for demanding analytical requirements

Automated Sample Handling - The P/ACE MDQ Plus system offers fully automated methods and extended sample-handling capability for walkaway operation.

  • Sampling can be performed using 1.8 ml universal vials, 96-well plates and micro vials.
  • Precision-molded polymethylpentene universal vials accommodate run buffer, sample and micro vials.

figure 2

Quick-Change Electrodes - System electrodes and vial cap openers simplify user interaction, are designed to assure high strength and rigidity and are easily removed for maintenance.

Universal Vial and Cap Design - Prevents the capillary and electrode from physically interacting with the caps, creates a better seal, ultimately allowing for a robust, clean sample interface.

Sample Interface - Provides a robust pressure seal ensuring accurate and reproducible data.

Built-in auto-sampler, pressure & vacuum, and sample & temperature control

Capillary Temperature Control - Efficient CE separations rely on precise capillary temperature regulation to manage Joule heating within capillary. Proper temperature control plays important role in repeatability of analysis.

  • Recirculating liquid coolant provides effective heat dissipation when performing assays
  • Capillary temperature can be regulated between 15 - 60°C.
  • Capillaries housed in cartridges facilitating temperature control and easy exchange of capillary dimensions and surfaces

Sample Temperature Control - Settable temperature between 4 - 60°C helps maintain sample stability or perform functional assays.

figure 3

Multiple Modes of Sample Introduction and Separation - The P/ACE MDQ Plus provides electrokinetic, pressure and vacuum introduction of samples. Introduction from either end of the capillary allows both ultrafast and high-resolution analyses.

  • Separations can be adjusted by varying voltage, current, pressure and vacuum
  • Combination of voltage and pressure ensures the buffer stays free of air bubbles which can be generated from outgassing

Variable Pressure and Vacuum - The internal fluidic system operates with all common rinsing protocols, regulating these with a pressure-handling capability of -5 to 100 p.s.i.

  • Capillary conditioning accomplished by moving specific volumes of electrolytes, gels, regenerants and cleaning solutions through capillary
  • Gel buffers are quickly and efficiently pumped into capillary

CE-MS Ready - Capillary electrophoresis separation coupled to mass spectrometry or ultra-low flow connection to mass spectrometry (MS) combines the high-resolution separation of CE and the high-sensitivity mass determination of MS. The P/ACE MDQ Plus accommodates direct MS connection through the right-side access panel. Capillary temperature control is maintained.


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