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Micro/Macro Vickers Hardness Tester - FALCON 5000 SERIES

Load cell, closed loop

If merely the best and most versatile hardness testing machine has your interest…

The Innovatest® FALCON 5000 is the most revolutionary, advanced and powerful Micro Vickers,
Vickers hardness testing machine currently available.

Apart from Micro Vickers, Vickers, Knoop and low force Brinell scales, configuration of the
FALCON 5000 is freely to define and offers flawless upgrades to hardness testing according
to standards of Superficial Rockwell, regular Rockwell & higher force Brinell hardness scales.
In its ultimate configuration and most advanced version, the FALCON 5000 offers fully
automatic advanced coordinate pattern, weld pattern and free style testing of metallic and
plastic parts in any common hardness scale;

•    Micro Vickers
•    Vickers
•    Knoop
•    Superficial Rockwell
•    Rockwell
•    KIC fracture toughness
•    Brinell
•    HVT (Vickers depth)
•    HBT (Brinell depth)
•    ISO 2039 1 & 2 for plastics

Stunning test force range
The servo driven testers force actuator allows test forces from 10gf up to 250kgf, currently
unique on the world market. Great efforts have been taken by INNOVATEST® in designing
our own ultra-precise load cells and force control electronics, that are the foundation of
this new product.

The load/force actuator driven by top class servo technology positions the test head at
light speed and at sub-micron level accuracy, in any required position.

Setting the GLOBAL standards for advanced high speed turrets
The FALCON 5000’s high speed, 8 position turret, has the first in the industry,
standard built in: laser positioning system.

  • The 8 position turret also contains 2 HD, camera’s, with auto focus and optical zoom
    system, allowing stage(over)viewing at indenter postion
  • Quick change stage & anvil post
  • Ultra fast, dedicated system controller with i7 processor and 2 INTEL SSD hard drives.
  • Advanced report generator with extended CSV export functionality

Quick Change stage & anvil post
Alternatively to the standard ultra-fast motorized CNC stages, there is the option to install
larger T-slot stages, fixed stages and a number of anvils. To save time exchanging the
nearly unlimited choice of stage & anvil options, the tester has another unique feature:
The ’’Quick Change‘’ accessories post. Tester reconfigurationat in just seconds!

Safety first / collision detection system
In order to ensure maximum safety for the user, and to protect the tester against user
errors, all FALCON models have an advanced collision detection, warning & Z-axis/test
head retraction system. This system is triggered by any uncommon force on the turret
and will stop & retract the test head in milliseconds. Fingers, hands and work pieces are
safe, but also damage to indenters and objectives belong to the past.

Clamping device
An integrated clamping device will firmly hold the work piece against the anvil or test
table while performing Rockwell or other depth measuring tests. (Optional)



Software features
Single tests, running an earlier stored test program, pattern testing, CHD, NHT,
or complex testing tasks such as welding patterns, jominy, are all part of the possible
configuration of the IMPRESSIONS® software and work flow control.

2D/3D hardness chart
A newly developed tool for detailed screening of hardness distribution over the entire
section of for instance heat treated samples. Welcomed in materials research, as well
as testing of welded connections and last but not least to give visualisation to damage
analysis. (Optional)

Crack Length measurement
For those investigators requiring more in depth knowledge on materials behavior,
and wish to study on fracture and fatigue  crack growth, the crack growth can be predicted
by using the KIC tester set up. KIC testing is part of the tester’s standard configuration
and measurement possibilities.

Ultra fast, dedicated system controller
The heart of the FALCON 5000 is an embedded ultra-fast system controller with
i7 processor and 2 INTEL SSD hard drives. Running on Windows 7 Embedded and protected
against unwanted changes by ‘’Deep Freeze’’ software for al machine settings.

The advanced report generator allows report set up and output control or helps to easily
export CSV files for use in Excel or other MS applications.

Connectivity is the magic word nowadays and this goes for the FALCON too. USB3,
5 Axis Stage drivers, RJ45 LAN connection and W-LAN are standard on board.

All components and software are designed, manufactured, and integrated by Innovatest®,
or supplied by global leading manufacturers in their particular field of industry.

The FALCON 5000 is not only a state of the art product, it is also manufactured with great care,
in The Netherlands, Europe, making use of the world’s best quality components, for both
electronics and mechanics. Without a single doubt, quality is assured!
Innovatest® products are covered by 2 full years manufacturers guarantee, while software
updates are guaranteed for 10 years.
All of this, just to offer you an additional feeling of ‘’being certain’’.

Hardness tester, surface roughness
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