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Analis welcomes the new partnership with Medican to act as the new Erweka dealer and service partner for the Belgium and Luxemburg market! As premium manufacturer of a broad range of high quality pharmaceutical testers, Erweka fits in perfectly with the already large Analis portfolio focused at the modern pharmaceutical laboratorium.

ERWEKA is a leading international manufacturer of test equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. They supply tablet test equipment for large pharmaceutical and life science companies, research and test laboratories, and universities all over the world.

Founded in Germany in 1951, ERWEKA is the only manufacturer to offer a product for every required test for solid dosage form drugs. Today they are proud to have the most comprehensive product range and experience in their market sector, while maintaining top quality as their benchmark. From engineering and design to manufacturing and product support, Erweka takes a no-compromise stance on standards.


• Dissolution Tester USP

• Dissolution Offline & Online Systems

• USP apparatus

• Chewing gum tester

• Packaging density tester

• Tapped density tester

• Suppository testers

• Tablet Press
   ideal for R&D
   and small batch production
   up to 4000 tablets/hour