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Semi-closed Environment IVF, with Nikon SMZ800 Microscope, 230V 50/60Hz
Item No. 328664
ESCO MICRO PTE 2070095 Laminar flows
MAW-4D9-MC-Class II, 4'/1,2m, with 2 MIRI chambers, 230V, 50-60 Hz
Item No. 310992
ESCO MICRO PTE 2070142 Biosafety cabinets
Fertilisafe Multi-Zone ART Workstation model MAW-6D8, 230 VAC - 50/60 HZ
Item No. 310989
ESCO MICRO PTE 2070018 Laminar flows
AC2-4S8-TU Airstream® Plus Class II, Biological Safety Cabinet (S-Series) TU, 4f
Item No. 303110
ESCO MICRO PTE 2010749 Biosafety cabinets
AC2-4E8 Airstream® ClassII, Biological Safety Cabinet (E-Series), 4ft/1.2m
Item No. 162713
ESCO MICRO PTE 2010621 Biosafety cabinets
VA2-4A1-E VIVA® Universal Animal Containment Workstation, 4ft/1.2m
Item No. 153521
ESCO MICRO PTE 2080029 Laminar flows
PCR-4A1 Airstream® Polymerase Chain Reaction Cabinet, 4ft/1.2m
Item No. 144241
ESCO MICRO PTE 2150005 PCR cabinets