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Airborne microorganisms can represent major health and economic risks to human and animal populations. Appropriate preventive actions can be taken if the threat posed by such microorganisms is better understood. Authorities need to be aware of the nature, concentration, and pathogenicity of airborne microorganisms to better control them. This information can be obtained by using various air sampling methods, each of which has its particular advantages and disadvantages.

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Long time Monitoring option for Coriolis® µ
Item No. 333303
BERTIN INSTRUMENTS S001097-CORM0-A.0 Air monitoring
Coriolis® µ air sampler
Item No. 333302
BERTIN INSTRUMENTS P001080-CORM0-A.0 Air monitoring
Biotoxis qPCR Detection kit B. anthracis, Y. pestis, F. tularensis (96 rxn)
Item No. 333323
BERTIN INSTRUMENTS P05231 Air monitoring
Tubing kit
Item No. 333310
BERTIN INSTRUMENTS S001115-CORM0-A.0 Air monitoring
Collection liquid in bottle - 250 ml
Item No. 333309
BERTIN INSTRUMENTS S001114-CORM0-A.0 Air monitoring
Collection liquid doses sterile (by 50)
Item No. 333308
BERTIN INSTRUMENTS S001113-CORM0-A.0 Air monitoring
Sterile cones - liquid doses (by 5)
Item No. 333307
BERTIN INSTRUMENTS S001110-CORM0-A.0 Air monitoring
Sterile cones (by 5)
Item No. 333306
BERTIN INSTRUMENTS S001109-CORM0-A.0 Air monitoring
Cones - liquid doses (by 10)
Item No. 333305
BERTIN INSTRUMENTS S001108-CORM0-A.0 Air monitoring
Cones (by 10)
Item No. 333304
BERTIN INSTRUMENTS S001107-CORM0-A.0 Air monitoring