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Air Monitoring

At Analis we have air monitoring solutions for all your biological targets.  Ask our experts 

Discover our wide portfolio of microbial air samplers of Orum International. This is the new company of the Ligugnana family who invented the first SAS air sampler in 1978. Orum International has developed a very wide portfolio adapted to all markets with key benefits like automated and digitalized data transfer, lighter Air Sampler bodies, and a very flexible portfolio. Also very unique solutions that can help you improve your workflow efficiency and compliance in cleanroom environments. Contact us to learn more about our microbial air monitoring solutions.


Are you looking to combine your sampling with another detection method than culturing?

Then discover our portfolio of Bertin Coriolis Instruments. An innovative air sampler based on cyclonic technology. The liquid sample output can be combined with almost every detection method. This gives you the flexibility to use faster detection methods like qPCR and test for a wider range of targets: viruses, pollen, food allergens, spores,…
Bertin offers you portable solutions for both indoor and outdoor use at a high speed and high collection efficiency.            

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ORUM INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. 332 Microbial Air Samplers
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ORUM INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. 312 Microbial Air Samplers
Base Station Induction battery charger
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ORUM INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. 310 Microbial Air Samplers