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Real-time monitoring of cell cultures. Imaging, Sizing, Counting & Viability of cells.
Cells are distinct units of biological function and are therefore at the origin of a large number of studies to identify and understand many basic biochemical and physical processes of life. To better understand, predict and influence the factors that underlie cellular health, proliferation, function and death, Analis offers a wide range of research solutions for cell analysis like automated non-invasive real-time tracking solutions of cell proliferation, cell confluancy & cell mobility.
Our portfolio also includes : counting, viability and metabolite analysis, cytometry, cell sorting, pipetting automation and operations, aseptic manipulations, etc.
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Cytonote Scan
Item No. 326039
IPRASENSE PFIPS 000005 Cell Imagers
Item No. 304837
IPRASENSE PFIPS 000002 Cell Imagers
Cytonote reader
Item No. 303311
IPRASENSE PFIPS 000001 Cell Imagers
Remote control TCP/IP module for HORUS
Item No. 336538
IPRASENSE PFIPS 000970 Cell Imagers
Laptop Computer - High speed configuration for Norma HT & Cytonote Scan
Item No. 326037
IPRASENSE PFIPS 000302 Cell Imagers
Item No. 307635
IPRASENSE PFIPS 000105 Cell Imagers
Cytonote Incubator Gateway 1 channel
Item No. 305749
IPRASENSE PFIPS 000103 Cell Imagers
Item No. 304105
IPRASENSE PFIPS 000501 Cell Imagers