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Our ANALIS Belgium centrifugation teams are experts in laboratory centrifuge solutions.
Find here the best centrifuge and the most suitable rotors and tubes for your separations : micro-centrifuge, table top general purpose centrifuge,
high-performance, high-capacity or ultracentrifuge, …
An extensive line of centrifuge rotors is also available for your specific application area(s), and designed to accommodate a variety of sample volumes,
g-forces and RPMs. In addition, to support this portfolio we offer supplies such as tubes, bottles and liners made from the durable materials you need for your research.
The knowledge and service offered by its local experts combined with the excellence of the instruments manufactured by the undisputed leaders of centrifugation,
make ANALIS an essential partner for your laboratories and manufacturing facilities. Already in the 50s, one of the first Beckman Model L Preparative Ultracentrifuges in Europe has been imported by ANALIS for a Belgian University !
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Avanti J-15R, Benchtop Centrifuge, Non-IVD 208-230V 60/50Hz
Item No. 307681
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B99514 General purpose centrifuges
Sigma 8KBS package, floorstanding refrigerated centrifuge 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
Item No. 311653
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 10954 High speed & high capacity centrifuges
Sigma 6-16KS Clinical package, refrigerated laboratory benchtop centrifuge
Item No. 311598
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 1039516 General purpose centrifuges
Sigma 3-16KL Clinical Package, refrigerated laboratory benchtop centrifuge
Item No. 309965
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 1036011 General purpose centrifuges
Sigma 2-7 Cyto, Shandon™ configuration, laboratory benchtop centrifuge
Item No. 310843
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 1022802 General purpose centrifuges
Sigma 1-7 Clinical package, laboratory benchtop centrifuge, 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Item No. 310471
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 91452 General purpose centrifuges
Avanti JXN-30, High Performance Centrifuge, IVD, 200V/208V/240V, 50/60 Hz, 24A
Item No. 328590
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B38621 High speed & high capacity centrifuges
Microfuge 20R, IVD, 230 V 50/60 Hz, with FA241.5 rotor
Item No. 328586
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B30582 Microcentrifuges
Microfuge 20, IVD, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz, with FA241.5P rotor
Item No. 328585
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B30141 Microcentrifuges
Sigma 2-7 package, laboratory benchtop centrifuge, incl. rotor no. 11071 and 4
Item No. 310103
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 1022602 General purpose centrifuges