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Hospital-acquired infection (HAI) is one of the leading clinical burdens worldwide. In the United States, roughly  1.7 million hospital-associated infections occur, from all types of micro-organisms, leading or contributing to roughly 99,000 deaths each year.

Analis, already expert in disinfection products with its Hymetec products, offers you a wider disinfection product portfolio to prevent nosocomial infections, thanks to its NEW PARTNERSHIP with Novaerus and Decon-X.

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Reduce infection by destroying pathogens in the air with the patented ultra-low energy plasma technology.
The Protect 200 and 800 are designed for continuous air disinfection and odour control in indoor spaces.
The model 1050 is, on top, designed for rapid remediation in large spaces and situations with high risk of infection.
HyPro medical 3% H202 & HyPro technical 7 % H202 are disinfectant solutions intended for disinfecting the surfaces of non-invasive medical devices and equipment.

Fully automated, wireless monitoring, sensor driven, system that removes bacteria, viruses and spores from the air, surfaces and equipment (H202 decontamination).

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Diver top and bottom
Item No. 306345
HYMETEC 1064-3-6004 Surface disinfection
Seal Flange
Item No. 305360
HYMETEC 1064-3-2015 Surface disinfection
Electronic Assy
Item No. 304969
HYMETEC 1064-3-8000 Surface disinfection
Item No. 304270
HYMETEC 1064-2-6005 Surface disinfection
Middle part cover assy
Item No. 304230
HYMETEC 1064-3-2300 Surface disinfection
Top Part Housing Green
Item No. 304229
HYMETEC 1064-3-2010 Surface disinfection
Item No. 304171
HYMETEC HY034 Surface disinfection
Item No. 304139
HYMETEC HY005 Surface disinfection
1064-3-2040 bottom part housing
Item No. 305245
HYMETEC 12011194 Surface disinfection
Item No. 304140
HYMETEC HY006 Surface disinfection