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Magister C24 and Cellbind - Flexibel - Economic - Safe

The Magister C24 of Sanquin is the first fully automated compact blood group analyzer specifically designed for laboratories with low throughput.
The design of Magister C24 ensures a cost-efficient, safe and fast work flow that is needed to continuously and quickly deliver accurate results to the clinic, which is necessary for optimal patient care.
Magister C24 and Cellbind (immunofixation column technology) is an ideal combination to maximise blood group serology



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Cellbind Rotor
Item No. 324268
SANQUIN REAGENTS B.V. K7303 Immuno-hematology Instrument
Cellbind Centrifuge (without rotor)
Item No. 324267
SANQUIN REAGENTS B.V. K7302 Immuno-hematology Instrument
Magister C24
Item No. 324273
SANQUIN REAGENTS B.V. K7320 Immuno-hematology Instrument
Item No. 336710
SANQUIN REAGENTS B.V. K7314 Immuno-hematology Instrument
Cellbind ID16-P
Item No. 335525
SANQUIN REAGENTS B.V. K7231 Immuno-hematology Consumables
Evaporation caps (bag of 20 pc)
Item No. 324244
SANQUIN REAGENTS B.V. K7394 Immuno-hematology Consumables
Cellbind ID16
Item No. 324235
SANQUIN REAGENTS B.V. K7230 Immuno-hematology Reagent
Cellbind P3
Item No. 324234
SANQUIN REAGENTS B.V. K7210 Immuno-hematology Reagent
Cellbind Workstation - Donors
Item No. 324270
SANQUIN REAGENTS B.V. K7315 Immuno-hematology Instrument
Pelikloon anti-B (IgM) monoclonal
Item No. 324180
SANQUIN REAGENTS B.V. K1189 Immuno-hematology Reagent