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Lab Equipment

Analis has been involved in supplying and supporting instruments for many years.

We can offer an extensive range of laboratory & QC equipment commonly used in plastics, textiles, metals, electronics, automotive and pharmaceutical companies.
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PRESTO W80 Highly dynamic temperature control system
Item No. 329485
JULABO 9421801 Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems
Vacuum chemical diaphragm pump MZ 2C NT Vario, 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Item No. 329049
MARTIN CHRIST 125274 Vacuum concentrators
DYNEO DD-BC6 Heating circulator with RS232 interface option
Item No. 329587
JULABO 9021506.D Heating Circulators
MAGIO MX-BC26 Heating circulator
Item No. 336972
JULABO 9033526 Heating Circulators
MAGIO MX-BC12 Heating circulator
Item No. 336971
JULABO 9033512 Heating Circulators
MAGIO MX-BC6 Heating circulator
Item No. 336970
JULABO 9033506 Heating Circulators
MAGIO MX-Z Bridge-mounted circulator
Item No. 336969
JULABO 9033201 Heating Circulators
MAGIO MS-310F Refrigerated/heating circulator with natural refrigerant
Item No. 336968
JULABO 9032743 Refrigerated Circulators
MAGIO MS-310F Refrigerated/heating circulator
Item No. 336967
JULABO 9032713 Refrigerated Circulators
MAGIO MS-1000F Refrigerated/heating circulator
Item No. 336966
JULABO 9032707 Refrigerated Circulators
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