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Analis has been involved in supplying and supporting instruments for many years.

We can offer an extensive range of laboratory & QC equipment commonly used in plastics, textiles, metals, electronics, automotive and pharmaceutical companies.
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Hei-TORQUE Package Precision 400
Item No. 328579
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 501-64029-00 Overhead stirrers
Hei-TORQUE Package Precision 100
Item No. 328578
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 501-61029-00 Overhead stirrers
Universal control panel holder
Item No. 328562
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 569-01000-00 Rotary evaporators
Hei-VAP University Research-Chill
Item No. 328560
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 576-27305-00 Rotary evaporators
Hei-VAP University Research
Item No. 328559
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 576-26305-00 Rotary evaporators
Hei-VAP Automatic Evaporation plus
Item No. 328558
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 574-38310-00 Rotary evaporators
Hei-VAP Automatic Evaporation
Item No. 328557
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 574-37300-00 Rotary evaporators
Hei-VAP Powder Drying-Chill
Item No. 328556
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 574-33300-00 Rotary evaporators
Hei-VAP Powder Drying
Item No. 328555
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 574-32300-00 Rotary evaporators
Hei-VAP Twin VAP
Item No. 328554
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 574-29300-00 Rotary evaporators