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Lab Equipment Circulation baths

Analis has been involved in supplying and supporting instruments for many years.

We can offer an extensive range of laboratory & QC equipment commonly used in plastics, textiles, metals, electronics, automotive and pharmaceutical companies.
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Shut-off valve for loop circuit (-30…+200 °C), M16x1 female/male
Item No. 159652
JULABO 8970457 Circulation baths
2 Adapters M24x1.5 male to M16x1 female
Item No. 160205
JULABO 8890071 Circulation baths
2 Adapters M24x1.5 female to M16x1 male
Item No. 160176
JULABO 8890052 Circulation baths
Adapter for metal tubing M10x1 male to M16x1 male
Item No. 160174
JULABO 8970444 Circulation baths
2 Adapters M16x1 female to tube 3/8" male
Item No. 160093
JULABO 8890012 Circulation baths

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      Circulation baths
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