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Metrology TRIMOS

Analis has a department specialized in metrology, mechanical testing, roundness & roughness testing, surface analysis, calibration & length measuring equiment to provide each metrologist technological solutions and application support.
Our specialists can propose an extensive range of solutions for laboratory & QC equipment commonly used in plastics, textiles, metals, electronics, automotive and also pharmaceutical industry.

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Item No. 335667
TRIMOS 700 110 30 18 Height gauges
Item No. 335666
TRIMOS 700 110 20 18 Height gauges
Item No. 335665
TRIMOS 700 110 10 18 Height gauges
Labconcept Nano - High Precision calibration instrument up to 1100 mm
Item No. 337264
TRIMOS Labconcept Nano Length- and calibration systems
Labconcept/labconcept Premium - Calibration instrument up to 2000 mm
Item No. 337263
TRIMOS Labconcept/labconcept Premium Length- and calibration systems
THV - High Precision horizontal up to 100 mm
Item No. 337262
TRIMOS THV Length- and calibration systems
Twinner - Universal instrument for cylindrical parts up to 2000mm
Item No. 337261
TRIMOS Twinner Length- and calibration systems
Horizon Premium - Horizontal Setting up to 3000 mm
Item No. 337260
TRIMOS Horizon Premium Length- and calibration systems
Horizon - Horizontal Setting Manual and Motorized up to 3000 mm
Item No. 337259
TRIMOS Horizon Setting Manual and Motorized Length- and calibration systems
Horizon Granite - Horizontal setting up to 8000 mm
Item No. 337258
TRIMOS Horizon Granite Length- and calibration systems