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449L Total gross, Glass door with key, LED, black, H = 203cm
Item No. 329781
LIEBHERR FKDv 4523 Fridges and freezers
MediLine Lab Regrigerator 437l
Item No. 324156
LIEBHERR LKv 5710 Fridges and freezers
Laboratory Regrigerator, Interior Anti-spark, Total gross : 554L, one door, +1 t
Item No. 311057
LIEBHERR Lkexv 5400 Fridges and freezers
BIOSAFE® 220 SC-smart
Item No. 309922
CRYOTHERM GmbH & Co. KG 78221906 Biological samples storage vessels
BIOSAFE® 120 MD-smart
Item No. 309759
CRYOTHERM GmbH & Co. KG 78221879 Biological samples storage vessels
Item No. 309656
GRAM COMMERCIAL A/S 309656ANALIS Fridges and freezers
Item No. 309588
GRAM COMMERCIAL A/S 309588ANALIS Fridges and freezers
Item No. 309586
GRAM COMMERCIAL A/S 309586ANALIS Fridges and freezers