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Color & appearance

BYK Additives & Instruments is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the field of additives and measuring instruments.
BYK testing and measuring instruments effectively assess the quality of the color, gloss and appearance, as well as the physical properties of surfaces.
Discover the quality and physical properties of your coating, plastic and paper surfaces.
Find innovative system solutions for quality control of color, appearance and physical properties.

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PFXi-995/P + RCMSi Pack
No. d'article 302764
THE TINTOMETER LOVIBOND 1379952 Liquid color
PFXi-950/P + RCMSi Pack
No. d'article 311434
THE TINTOMETER LOVIBOND 1379502 Liquid color
PFXi-880/P + RCMSi Pack
No. d'article 311431
THE TINTOMETER LOVIBOND 1378803 Liquid color
New micro-gloss 20°
No. d'article 325782
BYK-GARDNER 4560 Gloss
PFXi-195/1 + RCMSi Pack
No. d'article 156109
THE TINTOMETER LOVIBOND 1371951 Liquid color
ISO Impact Tester
No. d'article 325764
BYK-GARDNER 5512 Impact
ISO Dip Cup 5mm, Alu
No. d'article 325625
BYK-GARDNER 0335 Density cups
ISO Flow Cup 5 mm
No. d'article 325624
BYK-GARDNER 0215 Density cups
ISO Flow Cup 4 mm
No. d'article 325623
BYK-GARDNER 0214 Density cups
ISO Flow Cup 3 mm
No. d'article 325622
BYK-GARDNER 0213 Density cups
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